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'A DOCUMENTARY FEATURE WEDDING FILM ' Our home edits are the films you'll be watching with your grandchildren one day. It is all of the VIDEO FOOTAGE taken from your wedding day in one long FEATURE FILM! All the getting ready moments, champagne toasts, in between laughs, tender moments with grandparents. The FULL ceremony. The FULL speeches. All the memories for you to have - forever.

It's a 1+ Hour HOME MOVIE of your WEDDING DAY.

Everything is color graded & all professional audio recorded is included.
This also includes a 1-Minute Highlight Wedding Reel to share on all socials!

It's messy, real, valuable, timeless
& something we love very dearly.

Bringing it back to the good ole days.

One of my favorite memories is finding all of our vhs tapes, sitting down as a family & watching / reminiscing. Seeing how we used to talk, what lingo we used to say, what we liked at the moment, the inside jokes we had, how young we were.


I've been a wedding videographer for the past four years. Each wedding, thinking of new ways to be creative, worried about getting the most beautiful shot. How can I make this wedding look as PERFECT as possible?


I want wedding films to be how they used to be. Rather, I want wedding films to FEEL how they used to feel. Real life + imperfect. Nowadays, wedding films are focused on the best posing, slow mo cinematic shots, crazy effects & only the BEST parts of the day. I want to create films that have not only the best parts - but everything else. The friends while getting ready. The FULL first look. The guests arriving to the ceremony. The groom right before they walk down. The funny cocktail hour moments. The drunk reception dance parties. Not just 5 seconds of it, but the full / unedited / emotional moment.


A prettier version of the RAW footage.

I want to create a team of good people / filmmakers

where we can create meaningful / timeless wedding films

all over the world.


           No effects, no crazy cuts, no fluff.

                                                                        Just real life.

"Hi Cass!! I hope you guys are doing so good! We watched our home edit film.. and WOW. i wasn’t sure what to expect but what we got is so much more than i could have imagined or asked for!!!!!!!

Micah and I were laughing, crying, and feeling all the same emotions we felt on our wedding day — it truly took us back to that sweet day! The entire time we were watching, all I could think of was, “I can’t wait for our kids to see this someday”. It is truly such a gift to have, and I am forever thankful we chose the home edit version instead of the typical short videos. Plus, the one minute intro video is PERFECT for showing people quickly or for instagram. So it’s the best of both worlds!!


Thank you so much for the heart you and AJ put into the video. We are forever thankful!! Some of my bridesmaids are coming to stay with us soon and you already know we’re doing a movie night and watching it hahaha.


Again, thank you! I think everyone should have a Home Edit version of their wedding — it is THE BEST."

- Courtney & Trace

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