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ver the makers (faq)

Do you offer wedding videography?

YES - we currently offer DOCUMENTARY FEATURE WEDDING FILMS called THE HOME EDIT FILMS. What is a Home Edit? Our home edits are the films you'll be watching with your grandchildren one day. It is all of the VIDEO FOOTAGE taken from your wedding day in one long FEATURE FILM! All the getting ready moments, champagne toasts, in between laughs, tender moments with grandparents. The FULL ceremony. The FULL speeches. All the memories for you to have - forever.

It's a 1+ hour home movie of your wedding day.

Everything is color graded & all professional audio recorded is included! It's messy, real, valuable & timeless.

What are your pricing & packages?

We have multiple different packages, hopefully containing everything you're looking for! Wedding Photography starts at $7000 - For more information, please send us an email!

Would you travel for my wedding & if so, how much does it cost?

Of course! We are based in Orange County, California, but we take on a select number of weddings and elopements a year. We want to make it as easy as possible for you so please connect with us for more detailed information regarding travel rates.

How do you decide which images to deliver?

We deliver every suitable image to you. There is no reason for us to withhold anything from you that you will enjoy. Each wedding is different and some provide more photo opportunities than others, which is why there is a wide range of images you could receive. The images I don't deliver are either not flattering, someone is mid-blink, someone is eating, it’s a duplicate shot, the technical side of things was not up to par etc. There are A LOT of factors that provide more or less images!  These are all things to consider while planning your day!  

When will we receive our photos & film?

Couples + engagement sessions take up to 2 weeks. Weddings/Elopements take up to 4-8 weeks. Wedding films will be delivered within 12 weeks. Our goal is always sooner!

We are awkward in front of the camera! HELP!

Most of our couples say this! Truth us, when you are with your favorite person, this nervous feeling will go away! Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and tap into who you are together, so we can get those genuine shots! As long as you trust us, remember why we are taking photos, and are willing to let loose and not get caught up in, "where do I put my hands, and am I doing it right?", it'll be awesome! Trust us!!!

How do you delivery my gallery?

We use a site called PicTime. This is where you will download all your high resolution, fully edited, ready to print photos. In addition, there is an online shop attached to purchase any prints or albums!

What is needed in order to book with you?

A signed contract and a 35% retainer, all of which can be done online!

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